The Chidon Shabbaton takes place in Crown Heights, beginning on a Thursday. The Shabbaton is an incredible four-day program packed with amazing trips, delicious meals, fun activities, and exciting competitions. Chayolim go to the Ohel, daven in 770, and participate in inspiring farbrengens. The Shabbaton culminates in the grand Chidon event on Sunday.


Girls Shabbaton: Thursday, Chof Gimmel Adar (March 19) – Sunday, Chof Vov Adar (March 22)
Boys Shabbaton: Thursday, Aleph Nissan (March 26) – Sunday, Daled Nissan (March 29)

Enrollment Deadline

Shabbaton Registration opens on Wednesday, Yud Zayin Shvat (February 12).
Enrollment and payment information must be submitted before Thursday, Chof Hey Shvat (February 20) at 11:59 p.m.
We apologize in advance that there will be no exceptions.


Thanks to Tzivos Hashem and its sponsors, we are able to cut the original fee of $300 per child to $150 per child.
Please note: Fees do not include transportation to and from New York.

Event Tickets

The Yahadus curriculum was created in memory of Mrs. Sara (Charlotte) Rohr

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Chidon Sponsor: הרוצה בעילום שמו להצלחה מופלגה בגשמיות וברוחניות

לע"נ הרב אליעזר בן הרב מרדכי ע"ה וונגר לע"נ הרב יצחק בן הרב אליעזר צבי זאב ע"ה צירקינד

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