Qualifying for Chidon

Score a combined average above 70% on three qualifying tests and earn a spot on the International Chidon Shabbaton in Crown Heights.

Watch a video guide of how to become part of Chidon and attend the Shabbaton.


Three qualifying tests are provided by Chidon Headquarters and administered by each school on designated dates. After each test, schools submit the test marks to Chidon Headquarters.

Dates & Test Material

Test Number Date Grade 4
Book 1
Grade 5
Book 2
Grade 6
Book 3
Grade 7
Book 4
Grade 8
Book 5
1 Tuesday, Chof Aleph Cheshvan (Nov. 19) Units 1-16 Units 46-62 Units 100-117 Units 157-173 Units 209-225
2 Monday, Tes Teves (Jan. 6) Units 17-30 Units 63-80 Units 118-135 Units 174-192 Units 226-239
3 Monday, Tes Vov Shvat (Feb. 10) Units 31-45 Units 81-99 Units 136-156 Units 193-208 Units 240-257

Each of the three tests has two parts. Each chayol takes both parts of the test.

Part 1: Chidon Qualifying Test - Shabbaton • Plaque • Medal.

The Chidon qualifying test is a straightforward yet thorough exam of the information chayolim are responsible to know. It tests the chayol’s memory of the Yahadus book’s information, making the Chidon accessible to many.

All chayolim who score a combined average of at least 70% or higher on all three Chidon qualifying tests are eligible to join the Shabbaton, (depending on each school’s attendance policy).

During the Chidon Shabbaton, all chayolim take the Chidon final (this too is a straightforward yet thorough exam on the entire Yahadus book). Chayolim who receive at least 80% on the Chidon final will be awarded the Chidon medal. Chayolim who receive 90% on the Chidon final will be awarded the Chidon medal and the Chidon plaque.

Part 2: School representative qualifying test - Stage • Trophies.

The school representative qualifying test assesses how well the material is understood and can be applied. Chayolim must use critical thinking to apply the concepts they have learned to new situations.This is the next level in the competition, drawing the most motivated and hardworking chayolim.

The highest-scoring chayol of each grade from within each school is eligible to represent their school on stage at the Grand Chidon event (depending on each school’s attendance policy).

The highest score is determined by the combined mark of all six tests (three Part ones and three Part Twos).

In addition to scoring the highest mark, the school representative must receive a 70% average on the three Part One tests and a 70% average on the three Part Two tests.

During the Chidon Shabbaton, all school representatives will take a challenging test on the whole Yahadus book, called the “Trophy Final”.

The climax of the Chidon is when the Trophy Final winners are announced. The chayolim who earn the highest marks within each grade on the “Trophy Final” are awarded the Chidon trophies. First, second, and third place winners will receive beautiful gold, silver, and bronze trophies, respectively.


Included on each chayol’s third test are “tiebreaker” questions. These questions are only marked in the case of a tie. In the case that two chayolim in one grade tie as the highest-scoring in their school, these questions will be marked and taken into account to determine the winner.

The Yahadus curriculum was created in memory of Mrs. Sara (Charlotte) Rohr

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