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Always wanted to be part of Chidon but find the standard system too challenging? Now you can participate in an easier method of studying and testing. Here’s what you’ll need to learn:

- Mitzvah boxes of all the units in your textbook
- English title of the mitzvah
- Hebrew mitzvah title
- This will not be translated on the test, so although you will not be asked to say the name by heart, you must recognize the Hebrew title and be able to match it to the English
- Mitzvah synopsis (the text between the passuk and icons)
- Grades 7-8: Bolded Hebrew text of the passuk
- You are not responsible for the English translation, yet you will be asked to identify the mitzvah when the passuk is presented
- Extra credit: details of the mitzvah

You will not be tested on the introductory text (text between the blue header “The Mitzvah” and the mitzvah box) and you will not be tested on the mitzvah number.
Students are required to watch or listen to these video shiurim on each mitzvah. They are vital to understanding the mitzvos properly and clarify information that you need to know.

Here are links to modified study guides with mitzvah spreadsheets:
Coming Soon...
Mitzvah Maven tests will be provided by Chidon HQ and given at your school on the same day and at the same time as regular Chidon tests. The tests will be in spreadsheet format, requiring you to fill in select icons and mitzvah translations from the mitzvos on that test. There will also be an extra credit section with basic questions about the mitzvah details.

Each school determines the passing grade for their students and keeps track of the marks. After passing all three tests, students are eligible to join a trip arranged by their school and receive a certificate of achievement from HQ.

Any Chidon student can choose to take a Mitzvah Maven test. If a student doesn’t receive a high enough score to join the Chidon Shabbaton, but passed the Mitzvah Maven track, they can still go on their school’s trip. Students are only eligible to join the Chidon Shabbaton if they meet the regular eligibility requirements (by taking the regular Chidon Shabbaton tests).

The Yahadus curriculum was created in memory of Mrs. Sara (Charlotte) Rohr

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