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Starting Tuesday, Yud Elul (Aug 21), parents can register their children through their parent accounts, below or on Only parents can register their children for Chidon; schools cannot register chayolim.

Registration closes on Tuesday, Zayin Cheshvan (Oct 16). Once registration closes, no new applications will be accepted.

Registration is $5. You can purchase Yahadus books and a printed copy of the Chidon learning guide as part of Chidon Registration. Alternatively, you can download and print them for free.

The cost for the Shabbaton if your child qualifies is $150.

Shabbaton Enrollment will begin on Monday, Yud Gimmel Adar 1 (Feb 18) at 7:00 PM EST and end Monday, Chof Adar 1 (Feb 25) at 7:00 PM EST..

How to Register:

Log in to your parent account and register your children.

If you do not have an account, please create one by going to and clicking “Create account.”

If your child does not appear on your account, please add your child to the account by clicking “Add child.”

Need help? Email or contact your school’s Chidon coordinator.

Chidon Rules:

Chayolim can only join the Chidon through the school they attend.

Only in the case that the school the child attends does not offer the Chidon program, may the chayol sign up through Anash Kinder (or MyShliach for shluchim).

If the child of a shliach attends a school that offers the Chidon program, they can only join through their school, and not through MyShliach.

Please note that a chayol who takes online study classes via MyShliach still needs to register for the Chidon with their school, not MyShliach.

The Anash Kinder organization functions as a virtual Chidon base that allows children unaffiliated with Chidon schools to join the Chidon. Any chayol who would like to join through Anash Kinder needs written approval from Chidon headquarters. The Chidon team understands that there may be mitigating circumstances and will carefully consider each case. Please make sure your child has been approved by Anash Kinder before he or she begins to study for the Chidon, to prevent possible disappointment.

In order for a school to become a Chidon base, a designated Chidon coordinator must attend all meetings, follow all emails and WhatsApp conversations, and keep to Chidon Guidelines. The Chidon team cannot take responsibility for any errors or misunderstandings that are result of a coordinator not following guidelines or updates.

The Yahadus curriculum was created in memory of Mrs. Sara (Charlotte) Rohr

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Chidon Sponsor: הרוצה בעילום שמו להצלחה מופלגה בגשמיות וברוחניות

לע"נ הרב אליעזר בן הרב מרדכי ע"ה וונגר לע"נ הרב יצחק בן הרב אליעזר צבי זאב ע"ה צירקינד

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