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It seems that either all your children who are eligible have been registered, or none of the schools have registered yet.

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Welcome to the Registration Process!

There are 3 steps to the registration proccess.

1. Select the children you wish to register. Please note that this step may be skipped if you only have one child

2. Update and confirm the information for each child.

3. Select an existing payment method or add a new one.

Select Children

Soldier Information


Chayolei WhatsApp
Want to receive Tzivos Hashem updates? WhatsApp the word "Army" to 1-718-907-8853 to join the broadcast for Tzivos Hashem updates.

By pressing the button below I confirm that all the information is correct. Since it's going to be used as the official information, Tzivos Hashem takes no responsibilities for mistakes that are made due to incorrect information.

Shipping Rates

All children not enrolled in an active Tzivos Hashem Base will need to have their physical items (such as Hachayols, Rank Books and Medals) shipped directly.Sadly, as much as we would love to do this for free we simply cannot do so and must charge for shipping.

The shipping fee covers a minimum 14 shipments per year, which includes approximately:

  • 11 Hachayol shipments containing 7 issues each, one subscription per family
  • 3 shipments of medals, rank books and rank cards
  • Raffle prize shipments (if your child wins)
Shipping rates may vary by location.


Prepaid shipping fee for Hachayol magazines, medals and rank books.


Payment Method

Enter a valid credit card number
Enter the expiration date
Enter the 3-digit code on back
Enter a valid zip / postal code